#Music | Chronixx’s ‘Likes’ Is Hotta Faya

Chronixx reminds me of why I’ve such love for artists who pay homage to them who came before. On this, his new song, he dishes out a roll-call of reggae and raggamuffin greats stretching from Capleton to Chronicle. He throws in Lady Saw, Bobby Digital, Beenie Man, both the Bantons — Buju and Burro — and many more. I caught the song by chance, a day after its release. It was during on of those moments when you’re mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, seeking for an escape route from any one of the multiple curve balls life incessantly throws our way. Give this multiple rewinds, but only if you aren’t stuck waiting for someone who called you to travel an hour outside of town only to ignore your calls and expect you to swallow it up and be okay widdit. Why are we so shit at human-ing?

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