How Freelancers Pay Rent: A Commoner’s Perspective

It’s been five years. Anxiety attacks are a daily occurrence. I have learned a few things though. Here we go:

Invoice on Time. Because rent and other bills have a due date, and because many glitches happen in the Accounts Division matrices of all companies, it’s important to be early with your invoicing. It alleviates a great deal of anxieties. Some institutions do require that you invoice before a certain date passes, so there’s that too to consider.

Hold yourself up to the highest standard. You’re your own walking, talking, faltering fuckin’ flyer. Understand that, and give your all for every opportunity you’re given.

Do Not Settle. Isn’t the desire to not lead a mediocre life why you chose this path initially? Act like it then. Stop saying yes to slavish working conditions and little pay. Voice your dissatisfaction well ahead of time. Ask questions, especially where money is involved because motherfuckers can get shadeee!

Be kind to people, always. Where you falter, try your best to calm down and apologise; it’s an important trait to learn. And people are understanding if you show a willingness to hear them out; a desire to let go of your egoistic inclinations for the benefit of a mutual understanding.

Slow money’s better than no money. Money is everything. Your satisfaction with life, however, is worth more; it’s what’ll ensure that you aren’t 50-plus and still getting kicked out of your living quarters due to delayed rent, because you’ll still be healthy, and still be producing work. So do those low-paying jobs if they leave your fulfilled. Help out your friends because community is important.

 Use your head. Unread everything you’ve just read and go make epic mistakes!

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