Notes On Parenting

My wife and I realised that there was a general shortage of content concerning young, black people who are raising families. In our specific context, there was no content we could immediately find that addressed the concerns and experiences of ‘blended’ families.

So we decided to create one, and name it Notes on Parenting. It’s a podcast about raising a child, where it began, and how we’re navigating it. The episodes take a gentle, conversational approach on a fairly broad range of parenthood-related topics. We don’t have the answers, but we can at least share what our encounters along this journey have thus far taught us.

2 responses to “Notes On Parenting”

  1. I really love the fact that people are sharing their experiences .. I’m one of a few teen moms that will say they glad they had their first as a teenager it really changed my life for the best 👌 I got to recreate my childhood dreams in motherhood . I’m now a Mother of 3 girls first born 12years and twin girls 5years old and I’m raising them in a way I wish I had been raised . Giving them everything I ever wanted as a young girl

    1. Hi, that’s so cool to hear. Hope you and your girls are doing well. Peace!

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