Black Women With Tattoos’ Stories, A New Thingie…

I came across a documentary on The Atlantic titled You Won’t Regret That Tattoo about a year ago. I thought it’d be dope to do something similar, but the anti-biter in me ticked so hard that it swayed me down towards unexpected pathways. I hollered at Zu towards the end of that year, and like the star she is, she agreed to share her tattoo story.

I’m now pleasantly swimming in a sea of half-thought-out ideas begging to be completed. After much deliberation, and gentle convincing, this is the first one I’m letting out.

To Rethabile, thank you. ❤

ABOUT: Black Women With Tattoos’ Stories is a video series which aims to document the experiences of women navigating contentious living conditions in urban metropoles.

“It is very clear to me that it’s not normal yet in our society for a young, black woman to have ink on her skin.”

Musician Nozuko Mapoma, alias Zuko, shares her story.


You can download Zuko’s single “The People” produced by Mr. Instro here.



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