On Afro-Futures

Here’s a lil’ compilation of stuff I’ve written and filmed; stuff that has to do with imagining an alternative existence for us as Africans — be it through music, dance, or photography and film.


As he shared towards the end of the spiritual trip: “We are fellow seekers. We seek everyday — in our lives, in music. It’s such a beautiful thing that we co-create the very existence that we want to see [realized] around us. This kind of approach, this sharing, spills over into our lives [too].”

“I’m not an advertising, promotional machine. I’m an independent artist pushing a certain lifestyle that is not maybe conducive to what is already being pushed on TV.”


Beached is an experimental film based on writer Lerato Mbangeni’s fictional tale about an inexplicable spike of suicides (beachings) by black women across multiple South African beaches.

Stream it here.

Sibusile Xaba and Rutendo Ngara on Indegenous Knowledge Systems, and the spiritual and cultural significance of ntate-moholo Credo Mutwa. This was presented as part of the PDX Jazz Festival’s Joburg Weekender in February.

View it here.

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