Reading Lesotho Hip Hop: An On-Line Repository

Tello Leballo, the supreme broadcaster, acclaimed deejay and founder of Sky Alpha HD, known as Lesotho’s first on- 24-hour streaming radio service, started a Twitter thread paying homage to the many people who were instrumental in building the rap movement. I quickly thought to add articles discussing the scene, but decided to start a repository instead. This is the first step.

Missing from the lists are the many women who’ve contributed their time, money, and effort to the scene — from the emcees, to the broadcasters, to the event organizers, and more. So it’s fitting to give props to the academic Mats’eliso Mots’oane’s Music In Africa article titled Hip Hop in Lesotho.

The others follow below:

This is an on-going initiative. Feel free to add your own resources in the comments section.

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