#GuestPost | Album Review: 199x By Dallas T

So I had time to ear T.U.R.K’s 199x project. Great initiative. He decided to settle for a more mature, neo-melodic, soulful-yet-friendly, boom-bap sound with conscious raps and a dash of trap-soul, accompanied by factual, as opposed to fictitious, verses.

His script resonates; it stretches from real life experiences, to his personal baggage — well, romantic life and relationship phases to be more precise — as well as socio-economic issues, and life in general. T.U.R.K’s flow is a fusion of a well-articulated script, impeccable metaphors, and carefully delivered similes.

With tracks like “90’s Baby”, “I Really Rap”, “Freedom” (w/ Aura Griffiths), and “Across the Room”, one would swear he spent his entire life on the script to perfect the captivating storyline and well-arranged, well-mastered cuts.

This is the kind of music to lounge to. Yes, some may consider it the downside to the new school heads, but his attempt to institutionalize the game and expose a somehow academic trend to the genre is profound.

The production stature of this project is also something to dwell on, with exceptional melodies and non-predictable, yet sparsely-sprinkled 808s and smooth-jazzy, neo-soulful beats. The arrangement definitely brings Rap Music alive. He further explores meditating sampling of live percussion. This has resulted in a mature yet catchy project. The interludes are impersonal, yet humorously relatable.

I understand the project is being released tomorrow, Friday 23rd, my advice would be go get yours and share your sentiments with us as well. WORD!

  • This review first appeared on Dallas T’s Facebook wall. He granted permission that is be used here. Stream/buy the project on Apple Music

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