You Can Sit Some Shit Out, It’s Okay

Feeling like I slept through a week whereby some earth-shattering, course-changing shit took place. It’s really great. One event, though, sticks out.

Your capacity for empathy will carry you, while your ability to by-pass ego will make sho you keep learning.

You don’t have to believe that suicide is sometimes the only way out in order to empathise with people who have sought it out as their final resort. Referring to people who choose that as their way to go, while insisting on keeping your position that depression is ‘temporary hardship’; refusing to succumb to teachable moments and instead asserting your skewed ideas about the world and all who live in it, while dismissing people’s daily experiences — experiences you’ll never, ever know or understand — makes you an asshole.

I lost two very close people, family members to whom memories of my entire childhood are interlinked, before turning 21. My teenage years were like a direct line where suicide announcements popped in by the passing year.

Just, loss.

But even at that stage, knowing a little less than I do now, I could empathize with them; I understood that their decision had nothing to do with me, and that they were no less of human beings, no less capable than any of us who choose this fucking mess of existence daily. Most importantly, they are not weak for electing to leave.

Our ability to feel for other people, what is known as kutloelo-bohloko ka Sesotho, is the only thing that’ll carry us humans forward. Our individual commitment to building that capacity is currency stronger than nuts of the macadamia variety.

I am sorry to the people going through their own darkness, whose memories of multiple suicide attempts have been triggered by news of Jabba’s passing this week.

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