#Fotos | Hip Hop’s Flowers For Pro Overflowed

Hip hop has been showing up for Pro, in different ways, since he had a -kid suffixed to his name. When Pro ascended, it was hip hop that shared stories about him, that celebrated him — in social media posts and hastags, on podcasts, and as guests on radio and television programs. Hip hop’s flowers for Pro were overflowing.

This set of images were made during Pro’s memorial service at the venue formerly known as Bassline, Newtown, where the emcee’s Heads and Tails album was launched in 2005.

Hip hop loved, and loves, Pro. Dankie san!

Penny Lebyane was one of the MCs
Omen, the producer who worked on some of Pro’s biggest hits
AKA, rapper/former member of the IV League production trio. They made memorable songs during Pro’s TS Records phase
Maggz, rapper and former member of the Saudi Western crew, which Pro also formed part.
DJ Citi Lyts, Pro’s younger brother
Amu, rapper/producer who gave Pro a platform at the famed Lé Club
Khuli Chana, rapper
AKA and Khuli Chana performing ‘I Want It All’ from AKA’s debut album. The song featured a verse from Pro.

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