#Fotografi | BTS @ Yungloon Taliboom’s Videoshoot

The producer/emcee duo comprising Maloon TheBoom and YoungstaCPT’s recently-released video for their song “Muchas Gracias” was filmed at the beginning of 2017 in Cape Town. A lot has changed since then; YoungstaCPT’s since parted with his old management, and stamped the South African music landscape with his trademark quickfire rhyme schemes. He’s also bagged a couple of self-initiated international tours, and continues to make impressive strides when it comes to representing his locale, Kaapstad — or, pointedly, die Vlakte.

The duo are back with a full-length that serves to remind us that, mainstreamish he may be at this point, but the self-proclaimed Arabian Gangsta reserves a permanent seat in his master plan for projects where gully beats and no-nonsense rhymes are front-and-centre.

These images were made during that videoshoot.

  • To Be Continued is available on iTunes
youngstacpt_videoshoot-3040_image by Tseliso Monaheng
Dylan filming YoungstaCPT & Maloon TheBoom
youngstacpt_videoshoot-3067_image by Tseliso Monaheng
Outward bound
youngstacpt_videoshoot-3078_image by Tseliso Monaheng

youngstacpt_muchasgracias_image by Tseliso Monaheng


youngstacpt_videoshoot-3133_image by Tseliso Monaheng
Wit’ da homiez

youngstacpt_videoshoot-3103_image by Tseliso Monaheng

youngstacpt_videoshoot-cpt-3161_image by Tseliso Monaheng
Maloon TheBoom

youngstacpt_videoshoot-cpt-3154_image by Tseliso Monaheng

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