#Fotos | Back To The City [Main Stage]

The main stage is a hive for disappointment. It remained true to that reputation this year.

The Outrageous Records tribute was a farce. Watching Pro make people recite raps on his behalf made me want to cry. Well above three quarters of the acts rapped over recorded songs, and no one saw a problem with that.

Still, the gems abounded.

emceez_image by Tseliso Monaheng
Tyrant the Rapper & Dice Mak
bttc_2018-6847_image by Tseliso Monaheng
bttc_2018-6851_image by Tseliso Monaheng
Nadia Nakai
riky-x-host_image by Tseliso Monaheng
Riky Rick & Chaz Le Hippie
bttc_2018-6863_image by Tseliso Monaheng
J. Molley
bttc_2018-7038_image by Tseliso Monaheng
aka-x-pharoahe1_image by Tseliso Monaheng
AKA & Pharoahe Monch
youngstacpt-x-shane eagle_image by Tseliso Monaheng
Shane Eagle & YoungstaCPT
kidx_image by Tseliso Monaheng
Kid X
bttc_2018-08866_image by Tseliso Monaheng
Yugen Blakok & Kanif

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