#Review | How To Make It Pop: Red Bull Culture Clash [In Pictures]

Red Bull Culture clash delivered the niceties on Saturday night in what turned into a lesson in how to package South African pop culture for a fickle audience.

Vibez were cold. War was rough. Each one of the four crews — AKA’s Top Boyz; Admiral & Jahseed’s Afrikan Storm Soundsystem; DT Tira’s Durban Massacre; and Patoranking’s Red Hot Soundsystem — packed  their toughest selections and presented them in front of Orlando Stadium, which was packed from the stage to the mid-field, with on-lookers flanking the sides, from the stadium seats right up to the VIP/media area located to the left.

DJ Tira took it home to eThekwini, where him and Sox created black excellence and named it Durban Kwaito more than 10 years ago.

DJ Tira took it back home
Zodwa did her nationally-renowned dance
Mgarimbe preparing to recite Hibidi, the central theme in his four-part manifesto on racheology
Gal dem from Afrikan Storm Soundsystem. Large!
Jah Seed testin’ whether all massive an’ crew ah really ready
Gemini Major in control. He was part of the Red Hot Soundsystem
JR was part of the Top Boyz Soundsystem
3rd World Boss
Riky ‘King Of The Cotton Eaters’ Rick, shinin’ with fellow ikhothane
DJ Tira

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