In Their Own Words: Nakhane On Why He’ll Never Pen A Pop Song

I’ll never, ever probably write a pop song — a pop pop pop song — because I know that that doesn’t feed me. It entertains me. And even “We Dance Again” wasn’t that. If you paid attention to the lyrics, you knew that there was something sinister about that song that no one wanted to accept, because it was fucking with their party vibes. The song is about a partner bringing another partner out of a depression through sex.

“I did laugh in the middle of a deathly scene/

I did laugh in war just to be seen/

And then, then I knew what I should have been/

And when I saw you the next day, you told me not to war again/

But something dark lies deep within/ a black internal, with no light to be seen”

And then there’s that thing of like but still we dance again!

It was this thing of like, you know what, life sucks, whatever, but I’m still gonna dance! I used to make a joke about that; it’s ‘cry in your beer’ kind of music.

I’m begging you, come out and see the light, that’s what the other partner says.

And when I posted those lyrics, people were not fucking with them. They were like no, we don’t believe you, which I found to be amazing because people took ownership of that song. And I was joking about it actually; I said, in a gig, ‘this is an old folk song’, because folk songs are owned by the people, right?! I felt like “We Dance Again” was not mine; it was owned by the people. It was a weird experience for me.

  • Nakhane’s new single is out now.

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