#Featured | Photography For Johnny Cradle’s Debut Album

About three months ago, Johnny Cradle announced in front of a club-full of people that they’d been signed to the Just Music label, and that their album would be coming in due time.

It’s out now; ten songs, delivered with righteous depth, overseen by the rigorous production ear of Sakumzi Qumana, and executed with the assistance of Tebogo Mosane and Lazola Ndamase on drums and turntables/samples respectively. The set of images we made in January were subsequently chosen as part of the in-lay and backside of the CD package.

The vinyl LP is coming soon.

The homies have been relentless on the media circuit; the print press, the radio, and television seem have all extended a hand. Which is dope considering that musicians with Johnny Cradle’s level of consciousness, who address an intersection of issues in their music, from blue collar workers to representations of masculinity, to loneless and the vices we resort to in an attempt to curb it, hardly get heard outside of the Social Media and extended on-line circuit.

  • You can purchase Johnny Cradle’s debut album on iTunes.

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