#Video | Author Rofhiwa Maneta On Black Men & Depression

Rofhiwa Maneta is an author who published his debut short story collection entitled Metanoia early 2017. He’s also a trapgod, a dope dude, and a father-to-be. We filmed this conversation in the wake of a personal breakdown he’d experienced at his workplace, one which led to him being hospitalised for a few days.

Rofhiwa speaks about coming to terms with mental health, takes a swipe at kids who conflate feeling down with depression, and takes a stance by rappin’ bout how fucked up it is that it takes a public figure coming out — Kanye West and Kid Kudi, anyone? — for conversations around mental health and the value of self-care to come to the spotlight.

But then again, spot-lit people do that: They put a spotlight on things, issues deemed wayward and/or taboo for daily conversation.

A stay at a private clinic, for example, could cost you 45k, and that’s just for 2 weeks. So when you have a society that doesn’t necessarily allow men to express their feelings, and they can’t necessarily afford to get help, they quite naturally self-medicate.

* You can download a copy of Metanoia here.

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