#Photoessay | Inside Jackie Queens’ House Music Empire

Jackie Queens is an independent musician, a creator of alternate worlds, an avid house music head based in Cape Town, South Africa, and more. She enjoys having her ears bludgeoned by complex rhyme schemes of grime emcess, and is always up for a four-to-the-floor stomp at the nearest underground bass music turn-up.

She’s a conscious spirit, a vocalist using the means around her — and she’s got plenty; a capable organizer, some may say — to talk back to the red tape keeping talent caged in industries such as music, where payola and who-you-know games ensure that the playing field remains umbalanced.

When not sharing her favourite things on social media — her series celebrating women of house music is a rare Internet gem — she records music, and is great at it. Jackie Queens recently pooled two women, fellow healers in song Deslynn Molotana and Bonj Mpanza, to feature on her single ‘Girls’, and released it under her own Bae Electronica imprint.

Recently, Deslynn got re-called to contribute to the remix project, as did other phenomenal women Andy Mkosi, Shannon Devy, and Lana Crowster. Prior to that, myself and Jackie had linked up to do a studio shoot. Magic happened and, while waiting for the remix project’s release, these are the results from that photoshoot.

  • You can sign up to Jackie Queens’ newseltter here.


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