The Kool Out Doccie & Cape Town Rap Circa 2008 – 2012

I’ve wanted to pay homage to the period between 2008-2012. It’s the time I lived in Cape Town, and a time which, in retrospect, was vital to the development of Cape Town hip hop in that a lot of things — a lot of ‘firsts’ — happened.

After showing this thing, a tribute of sorts to Kool Out, to a few close associates, most of whom would’ve been around the scene during that time, it’s become clear to me that this is it. And it’s perhaps for this reason that what started as a thought to create a quick thingie over a month or so, has resulted in a three-year process of mostly waiting, and then getting to chat to the core of people who formed Kool Out. I’m really waiting on this Raiko interview to materialise at this point.

I’ve no qualms at this point that the glaring omissions — and you’ll see them when I complete and release this thing in due time — do not want to be included. They have their reasons. I wish they would make their motivations for excluding themselves known; but I also know that one can’t haven’t it all.

I’m glad I waited. I’m in a better position to, for the large part, present this shit EXACTLY HOW I want to.

(I’ll spare you the details about overstepping the rhetoric in ‘telling our own stories’ and how it’s important to be pirate mode in everything, even when the people whom you thought would want to lend a hand leave you hanging.)

I can never, ever thank the team at Kool Out for the unlimited access they’ve afforded me. Love, love always!

(This segment details the formation of Kool Out, and features interviews with Reason, Akio Kawahito and Uno July)

*Opening image: Patty Monroe, Kool Out rooftop party, April 2016.

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