#Videografi | We Made A Thing With Author Phumlani Pikoli

“I’m disappointed,” remarked someone while watching a video I’d asked them to watch earlier today. “Do you like it?” the person continued, catching me off-guard. I  felt inadequate.It wasn’t because someone didn’t like it, no. I was asked what I thought of that which I partook in creating. Someone wanted to know my views on the result which, for the most part, I never know — never know how to feel, think or react.

And that is the peak of creating to me: to not have much of an opinion about that which has happened already; to move on to creating more things while people faced with the THING decide whether or not it suits their sensibilities.

We’ve been threatening ‘make something’ with this cat Phumlani for a long time. I’m happy it’s happening. Moreover, I’m glad to be working with a group of people with whom I share some version/aspect of my core principles. With, we share an understanding of underground and DIY culture rooted in a street aesthetic that runs the gamut from skateboarding, to underground rap, and a steadfast loyalty to boundless self-expression.

We’re also talented motherfuckers and we know it; there’s that, too. There’s knowing that we’re dope, and that thinking about HOW dope we are shouldn’t really be the end-goal. Rather, the aim should — and is for him too I hope — to create more.

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