#iWrite | Press Release For Stogie T’s New Album

I got to write words to accompany the latest project from Tumi Molekane’s press run. C’mon man, this is what dreams are made of. I keep tellin’ these numbskulls to stop schleepin’ but all they do is doze off of more pills. Shouts out to Phiona da gahd for the plug, and to Motif records for lettin’ me spit my schtik. I’ve included an extract below. After reading it, check out what the homie Sabelo had to say about the album here.

The album’s lyrical themes steer towards an economic freedom. This means booking holidays at off-shore hotels and affording whatever his partner wants, as he tells us in the lead single ‘Diamond Walk’ and ‘Big Dreams’, or zoning in on the life his mother carved out for him by highlighting her cause. “I see your sacrifice in my children’s eyes. They were born free. Incredible!” he exclaims in the intro to “Son of a soldier”. This goes a long way to humanize a concept that mainly exists in a vacuum, obscured from actuality by smoke screens, haunted by a legacy of stale and regurgitated tales told by former slaves who are now oppressive masters.

(Original image by Ricardo Marcus)

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