#Fotografi | Work Featured On Artist Fuzzy Slipperz’ New Website

Lisolomzi Pikoli has many aliases, and Fuzzy Slipperz will do for the purposes of this write-up. He’s a beautiful human, a conscientious painter, and a wild rapper, selectah and majivane. I met Fuzzy in rap circles circa 2008, and we’ve been kickin’ it since. About 3 years ago, he begun work on Man Like Mountain, a project that’s become synonymous with the mountain it likens itself to because of the sheer amount of work put into into it. It’s not only physical labour, but the exhausting labour of balance, and of the growing pangs of being black and bright in a world built to dim your light. Soon, Fuzzy will be launching a series of collected works in the form of a book. He told me that it’ll be a hardcover. I’m excited.

For now, there’s the recently-launched website which has some of the work in the book. My documentary photography work also featured.



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