#Newspapers | The Future Of South African Rap For Sunday Times

I have an unhealthy relationship with newspapers. I distrust the politics of the mechanism underpinning their operation. But then again, I want my shit to be read by people spanning a wide range of the social spectrum.

I realised, through speaking to older heads, and through observation, that it’s necessary to ‘play the game’ sometimes. It not only equips one with an invaluable set of skills; it also teaches one — or it’s taught me, at least — to be open to possibilities left of what an indie-centric, pirate lifestyles teaches one: What you think, and think you know, isn’t necessarily the ONLY way. Hence, I’m always grateful when these opportunities to write for major publications come up.

The article’s about a topic that’s been on and off my mind for a minute, and to which I shall, doubtless, keep returning to: What lies in the near and distant future for South African rap.

Space is an issue with print publications. This article in particular suffered from the heaviest chop. This is the opening paragraph, left out:

“In 2015, at a music industry supper organised by a brand long-associated with hip hop culture,  a question was raised seeking to find out what the invitees thought about the current state of South African hip hop. Those in attendance in the small group ran the gamut of hip hop’s four elements; there were b-boy, emcees, deejays and graffiti artists. “I don’t like it,” declared festival promoter, businessman and all-round disciple of the culture Osmic Menoe.

Why, the lady who’d posed the question prodded.”

The rest of the article can be read here

PS. The dopest thing this time, is that the editor (wadup Sue!) kept the working title ‘Yo Rap, Watkind Mei Bru?!

Now, that’s $awcy!

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