#Fotografi | I Had A Shoot With My Childhood Crush + Appeared On Top Billing

A brother of mine, Igy Mokone, put me onto this Top Billing gig that required a photographer about a week or so back. They were paying, he added, and wondered whether I’d be down to do it. Of course I was keen, no question! What he didn’t mention was that I’d be photographing my ultimate childhood crush, Bonnie Mbuli; or that Samkelo Ndlovu, whose Instagram I’ve checked out so many times as to qualify me a serial stalker of hers,  would also be part of the shoot. That happened via the e-mail from the lovely lady coordinating the shoot.

On-set, it so happened that the director thought that the photoshoot itself should form part of the insert. And that’s how I ended up on this week’s episode of Top Billing, for a segment about natural hair, which is fuckin’ epic.

My mother, upon hearing the news, commented: “Ke rata ka mokhoa oo ba keepileng standard. Hae man, it’s so professional!”

And she’s been a fan for as long as I can remember.

Peace to tha gods!

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