How It Feels (The Stolen Camera Edition)…

How does it feel to have your camera stolen? Well it sucks, it really does. The incident took place in Mofolo yesterday, early evening. I’m okay.

What’s fucked up is that I’m up this morning, nursing bruises while typing this, being thankful that I’m alive, saying to myself uttering a series of ‘at least they didn’t take’s’ as opposed to letting out a rumble of ma se poeses directed at those bombaclot idiots!

My baby’s gone, the first camera I brought with my own money four years ago. We’d actually just celebrated our anniversary this past June. We give thanx still, thank you for the memories.Thank you for making me comfortable enough to refer to myself as a photographer today. And though the journey ahead’s still long and the road’s still groggy, I’ll forever be thankful for what you provided me with: a head-start, a voice and a mission. Brrrap!

PS: You can help fund my next camera by buying my prints or giving me writing work. It’s a Nikon D7000, serial number 8240100 if anyone asks.

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