I Spoke About Rap Muziki With Marklives Dot Com Bruh Bruh…

And Mandy de Waal did the interview. That’s like, levels of awesomeness because I was always peeping Mandy’s investigative pieces back when Rollingstone Mag SA was still a thing. So, like, yay-urr! Plus I get to speak extensively about South African Hip Hop, and about the South African rap industry. And I never leave the snark behind. Snark, very important tool that, especially in a hostile environment where you’re always shit-scared that something might happen at any moment. Tupac was spot-on with that seeing death around the corner song he did. Funtimes!

It was the curse words which attracted me. There was something dangerous about rap music. People were getting shot and there were threats and diss songs and really macho, ignorant shit. I found that to be super sexy.


(opening image by KB Mpofu)

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