#Fotografi | TBMO For IDM Mag And Johnny Cradle For Zkhiphani

I have a dream, that my little fotos will one day be cornerstones to monumental cultural movements. That the type of work that interests me — the work outside of the gaze held traditionally by white people, who wield white power and hence monopolise industries with their white money — will become permanently displayed in museums and be exhibited in galleries and public spaces. Mostly public spaces, because the people.

While I dream, parts of that work are finding their way on-line, out in ‘the world’. I’m grateful for these small miracles, performed by my ancestors, which grant me the opportunities to connect with humans like The Brother Moves On and Johnny Cradle.

What can we expect from Johnny Cradle? “A video in a week or two and an EP right after that, as well as an animated video. Another EP to match a live get up and OppiKoppi more radio performances and some fresh looks for the gram”. Well, we cannot wait!


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