Between 10 And 5 & Digify Africa Showed Love, So I’m Showing It Right Back…

So I’ve been included in Between10and5’s #Bayeza: Young South Africans Defining Creative Culture list. Yay, I suppose. Big up to Dave Mann who reached out and did the interview and stuff. Plus, despite feeling all sorts of conflicted about lists in general, I reckon it’s cool that a writer got some play.

I must say I don’t understand this focus on black. Why, when we’re in a continent that’s home to blackness in all its shapes and forms?


Earlier this year, a lady from Digify Africa reached out requesting to do an interview. I said yes. It happened. It got caught in the editorial clog I’m so familiar with. I asked around and, mercy of mercies, the article got rescued and appeared in the form of this cool-ass write-up thingie where salient bits from the chat have been presented with care and caution. I said some ridiculous shits during the chat which didn’t make the cut. Ah well, we keep trying…

But sometimes I think you have to be lazy, let your mind wander and watch YouTube videos.


(Opening photograph by Bots’onyana)

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