#Fotografi | Jam That Session Tour, Johnny Cradle @ Oppi, TBMO Hit Europe

My people keep flourishing.


JTS Tour

Jam That Session be dem homies for real!

The Jam Tour is a unique showcase features intimate performances from Manny Walters and Future-Afro group TheCITY, in remote locations in the city space. Join us for what promises to be special engagement of sound sharing.

Tickets are limited to 30. Book yours now.

The Brother Moves On @ Berliner Festpiele


The incredible Brother’s hitting up Europe this Summer, starting from 7th July. They’ll be making a stop at a festival in Germany which has been going down since The Wall was still stand. It’s called the Berliner Festpiele.

Johnny Cradle booked for Oppikoppi


Can’t wait to watch them do the Moog, the drums and the guitar thing. You can book your tickets here.

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