The Brother Moves On Presents The New New With Children Of The Wind And Kajama

And the three are having a show on March 5 at Kulcha Cafe in Jozi. There’s an event page which you can check out. Siya of The Brother Moves On hollered asking whether I’d be keen to hang out and snap some thangs ahead of the gig and I was like ‘LION!’ With that single stroke of DJ Khaled genius, the lightning which produced the images below struck.

Children Of The Wind are Modise Sekgothe and Itani Thalefi
Kajama are Nongoma and Nandi Ndlovu

“We love finding new and amazing acts that promoters are still asleep on. So in a need to never hog the limelight we are booking a gig with what we think is amazing before Jozi blows it up.” – TBMO


EXTRA: This Makhafula Vilakazi introduction is everything in life and should be experienced live in order to truly ‘get’ it.

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