#PhotographingRap | Cashtime Life

Cashtime Life have endured a groundswell support over the last 18-24 months. Formed off of the ashen factories of Cashtime Fam (Kid X, Smashis, AB Crazy) and Teargas (Ma-E, Ntukza, K.O.) the collective, which also includes friends/long-time collaborators DJ Vigilante and emcees Nomoozlie and Maggz, has cultivated an urban aesthetic which concocts tails of township living with the benefits of newfound freedoms, packaging the results for the consumption of a new money-having black, gifted and upwardly mobile market. This collection of images was made 2 years and is part of an on-going series titled #PhotographingRap.

K.O. in studio
K.O. in studio, 2014
Ma-E having fun on the congas
Ma-E having fun on the congas, 2014
African Music Festival 2015
Nomoozlie and Kid X, 2015
Sprite Uncontainable 2015
Kid X, 2015
Maggz, 2015
Maggz, 2015

* Opening Image: Maggz, Vigilante, Kid X, Ma-E and KO

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