#PhotographingRap | Reason

I like shooting live. I dislike it that my work doesn’t stand a chance to be seen widely because the required compromises, which for me include begging on all fours at some European NGO, don’t vibe well with the bounce in my step. Music photography by black artists doesn’t have a space to exist. I dream of a future where young’ins across the African continent won’t have this problem; where they can photograph whatever the fuck they want, grade it however, and showcase their work in dedicated places frequented by clientele with financial muscle.

Currently it looks impossible, and maybe it is! But I figured that since everything in the world is fucking out, I might as well go out with all my swords swinging and none of my truth left unspoken. This is step zero: a semi-regular showcase of live music photography dug out of my own crates.

For this first installment, I’ve chosen Reason, mostly because I’ve a fair bit of pictures of him on the hard drive. Additionally, it’s because his new album Audio Re-Definition (Reason Season) is dope, and it’s only right to pay homage. You can buy it here and, while waiting for your download to finish, read what my friend Sabelo has to say about it here.

Maftown Heights 2014
Maftown Heights 2014
Alexander Theatre, 2013
Alexander Theatre, 2013
Zone 6, 2015
With long-time collaborator, producer Mr. Instro
With long-time collaborator, producer Mr. Instro, 2015

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