Vote For Headwarmaz At The #SAHHAs

The homie Sabza didn’t invite me over to his Headwarmaz show one Friday night while I was in Cape Town. Rather, I sent him a text saying that I’d like to come, essentially coercing him to agree or risk me making him guilty for refusing. I hadn’t intended to speak on the radio; that was his idea. We ended up speaking for an hour on topics which revolve loosely around hip hop. There’s a recording available on soundcloud which I’ve embedded below (I get to speak from here). Shout-out to the co-host Macingo who was in studio for the night. Andy Mkosi had other duties and therefore couldn’t make it.

Headwarmaz is a hip hop show which airs every Friday night from 10pm on Bush Radio. They have been nominated for the second time at the South African Hip Hop Awards. You can vote for them by following the link, or by SMSing “SAHHA+BR+HEADWARMAZ” to 32545.


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