Manthe, Courtnae & Tarryn For City Press…

This story was especially challenging to do. These amazing, beautiful women are all ultra busy; negotiating time to speak became an interesting task. For instance, Tarryn was in rehearsal for Cassper’s show at The Dome the very week I had to turn the story in. But yeah, it lives on-line here. And my Tarryn pic which I took while they were filming her for this Sprite/Fader thing got published with the story. Funtimes!

  • PS: The Courtnae Paul pic is incorrectly attributed to me, and mislabelled as Manthe Ribane (Manthe’s on the cover, courtesy of Chris Saunders)

Stomps, Bumps, Fist pums by Tseliso Monaheng [City Press]

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