#Throwback | Photographs From The Now-Defunct Puma Social Club…

The Puma Social Club was a party hosted at 81 De Korte Street in Braamfontein every Friday. It used to attract students mainly, with artists, hustlers and corporate labourers providing a good balance between a ratchet night of forgettable fuckery, and great memories made sweeter by the said, inescapable fuckery. So big was the demand that there was always a long queue hopeful innercity urchins lurking at the entrance of one-night glory. Depending on who you knew and/or how much you had, there were ways to subvert the rules and join in the fun within minutes. I paid twenty bucks once in a deal which involved waiting at the back entrance for a short while, and then walking past some garbage cans, climbing up two flights of stairs, and sliding through the back door, all the while acquainting myself to what seemed like regular protocol.

This must’ve been the time Big FKN Gun and Okmalumkoolkat were performing; or Crazy White Boy featuring Nonku Phiri. I can’t exactly recall. Below are pictures from the former.


Bra Sol and Soulfaktor of BFG after their performance. Part of it is included in a documentary called Pushing Boundaries — an outsider’s look into the highly innovative South African electronic music scene.


Okmalumkoolkat droppin’ Dirty Paraffin pop lingo, rocking them silver hater-blocker shandeez, and gettin’ kids mangled in some dirty, up-tempo Dirty Para-Para beats courtesy of Dokta DJ SpiZee.


On being social #1…

On being social #2…


On being social #3…


The display shoe…


The hookah pipe and the thinker…


The face-tatted deep thinker…


On being social #4…


On being social #5…


The pool table poise…

Lights out! It was fun while it lasted. The Puma Social Club closed and made way for The Orbit jazz club.

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