Youngsta’s #BTCU Remix – 10 Things You Didn’t Know…

We recently shot Youngsta’s remix of Reason’s “Bump The Cheese Up”. Here are some facts he gathered together on his facebook page:

1. The video was shot in Hillbrow, Johannesburg
2. There were no props in the video. That was the real deal! (Wink wink)
3. The 1st verse was written in 2013 & the second in 2015.
4. I had the flu when I recorded the song.
5. We shot the video a day before I left for Cape Town.
6. It was filmed & edited by emcee Core Wreckah whom I met through the hip hop scene earlier in my career.
7. I could be the 1st guy to ever do a shady deal in cheese!
8. I directed the video.
9. 13 slices of cheese were used in the making of this video. Which myself & Core then split!
10. This is one of the most realistic videos I’ve ever made! Aside from the comedic cheese bit I’ll say no more.


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