For Bonzaya, Till We Meet Again…

My man Bonzaya passed away following some circumstances last year. These pictures were shot a few months before he left, on our way back to Cape Town CBD following a rehearsal with Youngsta. I’ve been sitting on these images for what seems like eternity, wondering what’s going to become of them. Photographing people’s difficult; they die and we’re left to deal with memories of when they were with us. When those people are homies you knew, and even made rap songs with, and had conversations of collaborating futher with…ja, you get it. But they never really leave.

Peep the homie’s music here.

Cnr Dolphin Way and Wetton Rd




On the train back to the CBD
At club Bang Bar in Wetton, where the rehearsal was being held

One response to “For Bonzaya, Till We Meet Again…”

  1. tameika lashay hannah Avatar
    tameika lashay hannah

    miss Bonzaya so much. with all my heart.

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