#Throwback | Str.Crd 2014

I decided to roam the underground parking lot that was Str.Crd in 2014 capturing captivating faces, some of whom I’ve made good acquaintances with. Here are a couple of them speaking about what creative projects they were involved with at that time.

Ayanda Gumede, 26

Deejay; slave to love ushering the dancefloor towards a better tomorrow.

Currently: “[Busy with work] and helping with the putting together of the Mahoyo Project.” (The project’s since been completed. Read more here)

Lebohang Otukile, 22

Lebohang Otukile, 22

Dancer; alien; future brother scoping the earth for potential points to land on.

Currently: “Being mentored by performance artists; [growing] my craft of performance art”

Lethabo Ngakane, 27
Lethabo Ngakane, 27

Publisher (Kaffein On-line); black sheep; last of a dying breed.

Currently: “Busy with turning ideas into brands. Small companies have no identities so I am building up their brands from corporate identity to brand identity.”

Sam Turpin, 19
Sam Turpin, 19

Rapper; brother in transition; history in progress.

Currently: “Working on some new music and spending time with my family!”

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