#NeWork | Remembered Futures…

Fellow writers Kagiso Mnisi, Andrew Miller and myself have worked on a documentary called Remembered Futures whereby we explore the story chief Langalibalele of the amaHlubi. We talk about how subjective history is and then head into freedom and what it means to modern-day South African youth. This we do via the country’s premier hip hop gathering Back To The City festival. 

We then end off by exploring the social change South Africa’s currently undergoing by using the recent xenophobia attacks and the student-led Rhodes Must Fall movement at the University of Cape Town as vantage points.

Featured are historians Prof. Jon Wright and Dr. Nomalanga Mkhize; Back To The City festival’s co-founder Osmic Menoe; and artist Quaz Roodt. The documentary aired on Soweto TV on 27th April, Freedom Day in South Africa. We’re grateful for the folks who helped us with filming in far-off locations; who let us use their archive footage and images; who gave permission for their music to soundtrack this experience.

Below is a clip where Osmic talks about the roots of Back To The City and what freedom means to him.

*Image by Sibu Mpanza

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