#RhodesMustFall, and then…

So what happens after Rhodes falls?

Because the way I see it, and from the statements which have emerged from this conversation, we’re going to be fighting against the same set of things fifty years from now. The systematic oppression of previous generations who burned out because they too couldn’t breathe no longer shall be the brunt of our seeds to bear.

Fuck that! That IS NOT the stale memory I want to go to my grave with. And if I do have children, this definitely IS NOT the world I want them growing up in.

After Rhodes falls, is it possible to have a small meeting whereby we compile a playlist, then proceed to kick down Memstone behind him, and that imposing structure further up the mountain, with lions as its guardians at its entrance ? I suggest Rex Rabanyane’s “Onketsang” as one of the songs.

Afterwards, there should be a set of requirements and expectations drafted and distributed as a memo to those who want to prescribe how a people who’ve been visited decade upon decade of continued suppression — and are going through a some mutation of PTSD as a result — ought to deal with their pain. Tit-for-tat, right?!

I’m not sure what happens next in the script, but maybe Gil Scott Heron’s “The revolution will not be televised” can be amended to include “…but it will have its roots on-line?” Better yet, amend Mutabaruka’s “Any which way” and add “by the hashtag.

I’m hopeful…

*P.S. I’ve found this episode of Southpark to be useful when dealing with any issue where asymmetrical relations of power are at play. Essentially, there are people who need to understand that “the don’t get it,” and be okay with.

**UCT’s former VC, Emeritus Professor Njabulo Ndebele, wrote this thing which you may read

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