The South African Hip Hop Series…

I sit here, quarter-to getting kicked out of my flat as mortifying feelings of my own stupidity lingers. But I ignore them; I’ve ignored them over the past couple of months while working on this series inspecting the State of South African Hip Hop in 2014. I’ve turned down a couple of opportunities which would’ve ensured that I’m not in my current predicament. But Drake taught me better – YOLO-life baby!

I’ve discovered, and keep discovering, the most interesting factoids about the movement which is only now – after crystallizing in the late eighties – is only starting to grip the consciousness of South Africa’s mainstream. It’s thrilling to think that there was a point where rappers were among the most ostracized people in society. Look at them now.

south african hip hop and religion

Africasacountry have been kind to support my madness. Thank you to Sean and co. for indulging me when others outright refused to even acknowledge what I was trying to achieve; for providing me with their beautiful platform onto which to do paste-ups of my street-corner narratives.

The series will run as written articles, photo galleries, videos, and a possible audio documentary. I’ll be doing the tweeting and facebooking thing under the hashtag #SAHipHop2014. If you’re so inclined, please have a look.

I’ll stop here lest this turns into those artist statements you find at a gallery.

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