What Am I Supposed To Say?

I’ve been seeing an increasing amount of requests from musicians to give their music an ear. It’s nice, getting asked to comment on something. But I’m starting to feel that it’s nice in the same way that albums aren’t an immersive experience anymore; here today, in the recycle bin tomorrow, non-existent by the third day. It’s like the story of Jesus Christ, but in reverse.

I’m not comfortable being a watchdog of anything. I just want to write about cool shit I discover on my own, without ever having to feel like I’m obliged to share my infinite wisdom. And if I like it, I might give it a write-up; or head over to iTunes and buy the album. Hell, I’ll go to the next show provided we’re in the same city! But, and I grapple with this daily, I’m by no means an expert of anything; I feel uncomfortable when people put me on a pedestal – I’m acrophobic, so it gets really awkward and uncomfortable.

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