A Post About Many Things

The rapper Isaiah Rashad reminds me of when I was 22 years old, listening to Blu & Exile, going through a lot of what Blu was describing on that album. He’s the window into my past; a pathway through which the older me can safely cast a judgmental gaze at that young homie...

I lost my cousin ten years and two days back. I’d spent the rest of the day fairly upbeat, but came crashing down as soon as I looked at the date and recalled that sunny late afternoon in May when I heard that she was gone….

Um, this is a really rough song that I recorded two years ago. It’s produced by Saturn; while we finish it off, I’ve decided to share a snippet. It’s about death and the pain one feels for a lost one.

Lastly, I wrote this on my birthday this year:

I’ve never looked forward to birthdays much. Mine falls in January; I’m generally still depressed about the coming year’s prospects; getting excited about a birthday is not the most important thing for me. Right now. Maybe, with age, I’ll learn how to celebrate my birthdays. I turned 27 today


You’re more measured. 
You take smaller bites. 
You smile more, for longer, for no reason, even when you feel alone 
You’re increasingly thankful 
You’re increasingly aware, of everything 
You’ve figured out most of the bullshit, and can quickly see through it.

Most of the people you know have kids who’ve had the first day of school this year.

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