Tumi Mogorosi – Thokozile Queen Mother

It’s humanly impossible to ignore the beauty of jazz drummer Tumi Mogorosi’s ‘Thokozile –  Queen Mother’, a song which carries spirits of the ancients in its DNA. It’s subtle, paced at just the right tempo to control life and all that sustains it. Gabisile Motuba’s divine vocal intervention reconciles one with their maker everytime they  engage with this music. It’s beautiful, hair-rousing elegance from the jazz drummer whose album Project Elo has been nominated for a SAMA Award under the Best Jazz Album category.

3 responses to “Tumi Mogorosi – Thokozile Queen Mother”

  1. Reblogged this on Friends of the Deep and commented:
    World Music that desrves to be heard.

  2. A soldier for the weak, a guide for the lost…. I cannot get over this song – beautiful music indeed.

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