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Over the course of five days, Redbull decked out the Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein with nifty music-making gear and then hand-picked some of Mzansi’s most forward-thinking musicians to come and play with it.

That’s how my article about the Johannesburg leg of Redbull’s Basscamp (for Mahala) started. It was through them that I got to be a part of a hugely-rewarding experience. Having already made acquaintances with some of the participants, and being familiar with the music of others, helped. I was able to gain access into the creative headspaces of some very gifted musicians. I kept my camera rolling most of the time and this is what I’ve managed to compile for now – a ten-minute conversation with Hlasko, OX++, Sol from BFG, and Fever Trails. All the artists offer insightful commentary into the possible directions of electronic music in South Africa. About the title?  I really wanted to call this thing Fuck Your Scene, but I figured that it wouldn’t be easy explaining that decision to my parents. The End!

PS. It’s really important that I thank Nick Van Reenen (Fever Trails/Bateleur) without whom the audio for this project would be compromised. Thank you homie, much appreciated! Check out his website.

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