Perfecto – Touched Your Girl

Filtered synth pads and muffled percussion set the mood for Perfecto’s dark-humoured narrative about being disliked for touching someone’s girl. He skillfully weaves a tale of worldly desires, adding detailed bits of lust, (dis)trust, and insecurity as he glides along. In Perfecto’s case, size does matter; size goes beyond the confines of lustful tales. Size morphs and becomes time – time spent perfecting his craft.

As Skullz, Perfecto released his first independent project in 2002. “Skull duggery“, the project’s name, became a thing to marvel at among Lesotho hip-hop heads – ‘one of us’ had managed to release an album all by himself, and we celebrated the achievement. For a moment, Skullz was the focal point of intense adulation. And then he disappeared, re-appearing intermittently as Diamonds – a phase I’d rather forget. About two years ago, Motif Records signed Perfecto, and people have been waiting on an official release eversince.

At around 12 seconds, the snare kicks in. Perfecto’s nasal flow follows soon after, magnified by spine-tingling details about jaded love over Snaz’s feisty production insight. Though current in every sense of the word – synths, double-time flows, auto-tuned chorus – the song portrays an artist who has been afforded the time and space to have an in-depth discussion with what he desires to communicate. It comes through in his live show, and it is definitely evident in this single.

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