Robo The Technician

I’ve just heard the news that underground Jozi hip-hop veteran Robo the Technician passed away this weekend. I took this picture during a live show two weeks ago; more power to the god!

2 responses to “Robo The Technician”

  1. Maleshelane Nkgapele Avatar
    Maleshelane Nkgapele

    It is with great pride that I say that Robo was an uncle of mine. However, it is with deep regret that we only got a sneak view if his talents when he played with us as children. I attended his funeral yesterday and the great send off truly epitomised the wonderful contribution he made to underground hip-hop. I would be humbled if I could be advised about where to get some of his material, I’ll make payment of course! I’d also appreciate a reply.
    Best, Malesh

    1. Hi Maleshelane! Respect for reaching out. Robo’s album is available here:

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