Loose Draws

I’ve written about Block Kids On The New before, but as part of Only The Illest, a bigger formation of which the duo (Riz Ventura and Skivvy G) is part. Their #LooseDraws campaign begun three days ago. Is is a simple concept which they explain in this interview I did with them for the African Hip Hop Blog:

We have an album called Born Trill OG’s coming out in November, so we thought as a precursor to that we’d do a mixtape called Loose Draws. I was also intrigued by Tumi releasing those 28days from his back catalogue. So we hit that up and decided we’ll just do the same but with fresh material that we are recording this year. Its not so much stuff that doesn’t  fit on the album, but rather the tracks that we really want to do and  haven’t written yet. We basically challenge ourselves to do them by the target date, but they’re not intended for the album, they’re just for fun.

You can read the rest of the interview here. They go into detail about the state of South African hip-hop, their hood Pretoria, and why listening to them if you aren’t a fan of porn, drinking, and drugs isn’t advisable.

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