Basali Remix

This could be the most hilariously sexist song to ever come out of Lesotho’s hip-hop scene. Everything about it seems designed to offend feminist ideals, from the all-male make-up of the song – yes, Lesotho hip-hop still lacks strong female presence in 2013 – to the lyrical content (sample lyric *translated*: “women, don’t even deny/ you know you’re stupid“).

On the flipside, and since I know most of the guys on a personal level – our stories are intertwined through our shared experiences in rap cyphers, live shows, and recording sessions – it’s somewhat of a watershed moment on the scene, one that hopefully signals better collaborations going forward. This remix, facilitated by producer/emcee T-Mech, fuses my era of emcees – Skebza D, Anonymous, the former on the 7th verse while the latter takes the last verse – with the current crop – from TURK’s bar-setting opening verse, to Jiji’s diatribe about the list of women he’s got to hit up. So I won’t comment on the sexism. I’ve instead asked another friend, Mookho, for comment. Perhaps she’ll do a guest post 🙂

*Featuring, in order of appearance: Turk, Lemekoane, Jiji F, LebzaP, Nirex, Shuffle44, Skebza D, Juvy, Flix, L-Tore, and Anonymous


5 responses to “Basali Remix”

  1. de track is sure to set dancefloors on fire,i must say,its dope…but the lyrics tho,nt very impressing,rather offending to females

  2. the track is dope, even though some of us think the lyrics are much offensive to women..its grt havn mcees bringing it down to dey fans..big ups dawks..peace

  3. the song is super dope thou it is much more offensive to women…and i would like u guys to use your own bits and tone…what u did was copy and edit the lyrics of Versace…which shows lack of creativity…..try harder next time….
    i liked it though

  4. retselisitsoe Avatar

    ur song is cool cool and cool.

  5. Im looking forward to hear your new tracks majita a kasi

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