…at one point he just stood there, mesmerized in equal parts by the West  African pop playing through the speakers and the patrons filling up the venue. With camera in hand, he initiated an intervention through  his lens. This is what emerged…


This is Zime. Her twitter bio describes her, among other things, as a “personal shopper”, “make-up artist”, and an “art director”. To me, she is a warm spirit who dresses quite well and is capable of partaking in intelligent conversation.


That is Daniel on the right hand side. He’s a bass player and all-round creative person. I’ve actually played a gig with him once. He’ll be with emerging rap band Momentss at Rocking The Daisies this weekend.


I asked to take a picture. She asked me what for, I shrugged. She flashed a smile and let me snap away.

*Tagore’s: The only other time I went was when The Brother Moves On were in town. There was one other time, I think, but I can’t clearly recall. It turned out that my visit to Cape Town coincided with a series of gigs they had lined up for the whole week. As it stands, 42 Trill Road in Observatory is no more. Tagore’s is dead; long live Tagore’s!

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