Youtube Comments Section

I’ve recently made a habit of reading youtube comments, especially when watching music videos. They give so much more insight into the song, oftentimes unpacking complexities which one wouldn’t otherwise have guessed. While doing a brief write-up on Thandiswa Mazwai, I googled her work with Jacknife. This song – along with M’du’s “Y u for me“, Arthur’s “Kaffir” and Sharon Dee’s “Local is lekker” – soundtracked my childhood. “…please tell us how old u were & where u first heard it” writes the person who uploaded the video. There is some gold in the comments section, from “1995 yaovile [Yeoville] before they became stars i was there. wow” to “I Knew the producer of this song his name is Themba. This song is about 16 or 17 years OMG!! Wow! That old!”. And this one: “Thandiswa Mazwai on the vocals. This was back when she was jus a session musician at Kalawa, before Bongomaffin. Classic.” Check them out!

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