Dookoom EP

Fresh for 1652. You suckerrrs!” hollers Cape Town emcee Isaac Mutant in a revisionist nod to the KRS-One of yester-year – staring out of his window like Malcolm X, with an Uzi in his right hand and a heavy dose of paranoia hidden behind his sunglasses. Yet unlike that depiction – somewhat staged – Mutant’s 1652 reference is as real as it gets. It marks the beginning of oppression for his people – the First People of the land, the Khoisan. Repeated abuses and plots to shut them out of the national dialogue have led to widespread feelings of discontent among that community.

Recently, there have been reports of schools getting shut in the Western Cape due to gang violence. There’s a high rate of drug usage, and the disparity between rich and poor is steadily increasing.
Isaac Mutant soundtracks this period of uncertainty, setting sail on a jet-stream of songs in which he references people’s mother’s body parts (“You Mustn’t Push“); methamphatamine usage (commonly-known as “Tik“); and pimp-daddy fantasies with tongue-in-cheek nods to penises (“Kak Stirvy“).
Yet this music also soundtracks good vibes and positive times – buying a gatsby at the Golden Dish in Athlone before heading out to Long Street or Greenpoint for a lekker jol! It’s hyper-local, super-charged anti-polity rap – yet doesn’t completely shut itself out of potential universal appeal. Now, see if you can spot where Die Antwoord took part of their style from.
PS:  Catch them lunching their EP this weekend if you’re in Cape Town this weekend. More details here.

Extra: Here’s an extract from Roger Young’s profile on Isaac Mutant:

He’s tired of the boom-bap beats and the calls to consciousness. ‘For me personally, the hip-hop industry in South Africa is kak boring’ he tells me. ‘It’s poes boring, nobody comes up with edgy fucken ideas and gets kakked out and get fucken thrown out of the club. I want to have bergies on stage with me and must sommer just take a shit, right there, on the stage.

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